3.5" Handheld Digital Magnifier with Switchable Multiple Background Colors
Model No. :  UM031
* 3.5" LCD display.
* 7 switchable background color.
* Zoom
* Freeze
* Rechargeable li-ion battery.
  • The  3.5 inches Handheld Portable LCD Digital Magnifier is an idea on the go digital magnifier for people with visual difficulty. It has 7 color modes for different visiual impair situation. The magnification can be up to 15x. Freeze function helps you to fix and keep the current screen image. After full charged, its rechargeable li-ion battery provides a working time up to 4 hours. TV-out (to any monitor with TV-in) helps to get larger display.
    In short, no matter for your personal use or get one as a gift for your parents, senior parters or friends, the easy-to-operate magnifier is the best LCD handheld digital magnifier you can find in the market.

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