About us
Since its establishment in 2007, Winmax has been dedicated to high quality display products including field monitor, car monitor, LCD digital microscope, film scanner, portable scanner etc. With a professional research and development team consisting of professional designers of electronics circuits, firmware, cosmetic, tooling etc, following the latest market trends and needs, Winmax is constantly release innovative products to worldwide clients. Before mass production, every new model is strictly going through engineer sample, Pilot Production, CE/FCC/RoHS test, to ensure each new model is mature to meet market needs, durable for long term use, stable enough to meet industry standard, and safe to end users.

Equipped with the state of the art of instruments and equipments, following strict production procedures, Winmax’s skilled technicians and well-trained workers assemble and test every single item with great attention. The whole procedures including material incoming, in-production, out-put, are under strict monitor by professional and well trained quality control personnel.

While promoting new items aggressively, Winmax’s excellent marketing and sales team are always ready to serve worldwide clients’ needs, no matter big or small. They can take good care of every client’s initial inquiry, sample requiring, trial order, commercial order etc, among them payment, shipment arrangement etc can be done to your satisfaction. In terms of OEM/ODM need, they can well coordinating the cooperation between client and Winmax’s research and development team, to realize client’s original idea with bilateral satisfaction.

After-sales service is Winmax’s another advantage against other competitors. Each item sold by Winmax has at least one year manufactory warranty, for some, it can be up to 2-3 years. All RMA can be returned to us for repairing or replacement easily and quickly. Winmax is now planning to localize after-sales service center in major cities of USA, Europe, bringing the most convenience to overseas clients.

Holding the idea of innovation leading development, quality maintaining sustainability, customer service bringing customer loyalty, management updating efficiency, today’s Winmax, with sincere thanks to the support from worldwide clients, is striving to reach a higher level of performance, looking forward to be the best field monitor developer and manufacturer in China and the world.

We thank you very much for your support!

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